• Move or recover from a given situation in a matter of seconds
  • Fits under armpits/upper torso
  • Easy to use
  • From vehicle accidents to protester removal, casualty from water to boat or disaster recovery
  • Carry/remove difficult or heavy objects causing obstructions
  • Lightweight... only 250g
  • Coiled for fast removal
  • High Density Foam inner covered with 'Rip Stop' Fabric
  • Anti – Slip soft grip drag handles
  • Multiple combinations and sizes of straps available
  • Washable at 30 degrees or can be sprayed wiped/hosed down.
  • 24 month Warranty
  • As used by Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue/Dorset Police
  • Lift personnel
  • Lift objects
  • Soft Grip and Anti – Slip Handles
  • Anti – Slip strips to aid in the gripping of heavy or smooth surfaced items.
  • Each kit comprises a Small, Medium , and Large lifting belts.
  • Kits can comprise 3 belts (One of each size) or 6 belts (2 of each size)
  • Small Belt - Single Handle
  • Medium Belt - Double Handle
  • Large Belt - Triple Handle
  • Nosing Strap Option - Cradles heavy end of the object to stop items moving/slipping
  • Very useful when items are carried down a slope or persons carrying the object are of differing heights
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