With many years of international experience in the training of lifting and carrying techniques, we have designed a family of flexible, handling devices to aid in the fast and effective removal or relocation of personnel in stressful situations.

Flexible Lifting and  Carrying System. PATENTED.

Can be used in ANY SCENARIO
Confined spaces | Staircases | Vehicles | Ships | Rough terrain
Armed Services
Boat Services
Emergency Services
Prison Service
Mountain Rescue
Outdoor Pursuits
Trains and Railway Stations
Security Agencies
Arenas and Stadiums
The list is endless.
  • A manual handling device
  • Offering safe and effective means of moving a subject
  • Allows rapid extraction. Rip Stop fabric enables FLACS to be dragged or lifted
  • Minimise risk of injury to all parties
  • Can be used by 1 to 6 team members at the same time
  • Designed around the avoidance of positional asphyxia
  • Can remain on the subject during an MRI/CT/X-Ray scan
  • Colour Coded Strap for safe, simple, logical application
  • Anti – Slip Soft Grip carry handles on all systems
  • Choice of Fastenings Velcro, Plastic or metal 'D' rings, Trident buckle
  • Dignity Cover, For sensitive casualty removals, to fully cover the FLACS device
Comfort version weighs 1.6 kg
Disposable Version weighs 0.5 kg
Bariatric Version Weighs 2.25 kg
Disposable Bariatric Version Weighs 1 kg

Don't just take our word for it...

PROFESSOR JAMES M RYAN OBE OStJ, MB, MCh, FRCS, FCEM, DMCC Emeritus Professor, Centre for Trauma, Conflict and Catastrophe Medicine, St Georges University of London & International Professor of Surgery, USUHS, Bethesda, MD, USA in testing the system says:
Quote... "I am of the opinion that this, essentially a very safe and easy to use device and the user would have confidence in its safety and reliability. Specifically I am satisfied there is no risk to the individual’s airway (A), Breathing mechanism (B) or Circulation (C). I believe this device will reduce the risk of manual handling injuries being caused to officers carrying out the lifting
procedure. Properly applied, the straps pose no hazard to limb circulation." "The device is constructed of very high quality, light but very strong materials, elegant, compact and made for ease and comfort of use and application. The colour coded system of straps is most helpful in preventing inappropriate application and use." "It was of particular note to me as a retired military surgeon that there is a battlefield variant. In its battlefield application it is a "care under fire" extraction device. It is multi – functional with a selection of three different body carrying straps giving the system great flexibility."

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